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Your customer is a small SaaS company running MiCollab with an office that hosts 30 employees. It's not common for visitors to show up at the office and the office administrator is always busy, but they still need a means of handling visitors and deliveries.


At the entrance to the office, there is a sign beside an Amazon Alexa smart speaker that prompts the visitor to say their name, the name of the employee they are here to see, and what the nature of their visit is (e.g. customer visit, delivery). A MiCollab message is sent to the employee in question (and the office administrator) letting them know who is here for them and why.


Using the Amazon Developer portal, build a Lambda function in the supported language of your choice. Build the Lambda function so it does the following: - Uses Alexa's speech-to-text functionality to prompt the visitor and capture the necessary information - Performs a lookup to find the appropriate user using the CloudLink Admin API - Uses the CloudLink Conversations API to send the information to the appropriate employee(s) as a new message.

More Information

This integration is an example of the kind of solutions that can be built today using Mitel's CloudLink APIs.