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The customer deploys an Outlook plugin that allows the user to login with their CloudLink user credentials, then choose from the following options for the various available statuses in Outlook:

  • Allow Calls – Inbound calls rings the user’s extension normally

  • Redirect All – Will redirect all callers to a user defined DN

  • Redirect External – Will redirect all external calls to a user defined DN

  • Redirect Internal – Will redirect all internal calls to a user defined DN


Server Application

  • Create an application or service that can communicate with the CloudLink APIs. This could be a server deployed application, or a hosted service/process on a platform of your choosing.

  • Create a database, flat file, or similar solution for storing user settings that can be accessed from both the server application and any clients.

  • The application will have the following functionality:

    • Use Create a Subscription to monitor for ringing events on all monitored endpoints (based on contents of the settings database/file).

    • As new users are added, Update the Subscription as needed to monitor the additional endpoints.

    • When a monitored endpoint rings, check the current user settings in the settings database/file against the user’s current status in Outlook, and where appropriate use Change an Active Call State to redirect the ringing call to the appropriate destination.

  • As part of the deployment process, use the Admin API to Create a Client with a role of SERVER_ADMIN that is used by the server application to Obtain a Token and execute API calls.

Client Application

  • Create a web application that:

    • Uses the OpenID Connect flow to authenticate and log the user in (you can redirect to the Mitel Auth Portal).

    • On login, loads existing settings from the settings database/file

    • Presents the user with simple options to change routing rules based on their Outlook status. Changes are saved to the settings database/file.

  • Create an Outlook Add-in that loads the web-app wherever you wish in Outlook

  • Ensure that the web app is automatically in a logged-out state when the add-in is loaded

More Information

This integration is an example of the kind of solutions that can be built today using Mitel's CloudLink APIs.

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