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Mitel introduces the Service Delivery API for Mitel Distributors...

Mitel APIs

Our APIs cover a wide variety of business needs.

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    • Media

      Media Services API is used to manage calls on both the cloud call control and premise PBX systems.

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    • Presence

      Presence API is used for managing presences. An entity can have a variety of presences.

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    • Conversations

      Conversations API is used to manage streams (topic based), one-on-one, and group conversations.

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    • Notifications

      Topic based notification system. This service’s responsibility is to distribute notifications over various channels to subscribers.

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    • Admin

      The administration service allows for the management of tenants, users and services which are then provided access to CloudLink platform microservices.

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    • Authentication

      A loosely OAuth 2.0 compliant authentication service used to obtain bearer tokens for use with the CloudLink Platform micro-service APIs.

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    • Service Delivery

      Allows for Distributors to search and read subscription and product details for their Resellers.

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API guides, tutorials, sample code, best practices, and much more. Get additional help from our amazing community of developers.

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    Guides and tutorials to get you started using the API, information for developing and publishing your apps, and useful technical resources.

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Integration Examples

  • Smart Speaker Reception

    Alexa Speaker

    A smart speaker that can greet your visitors, then let your staff know there's someone waiting for them through MiCollab.

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  • Lightweight Screen-Pop


    A lightweight screen-pop application built into your browser.

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  • Outlook Calendar Call Control


    Set call redirecting rules based on Outlook calendar status.

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