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Your customer is using a very simple telephony setup with a MiVoice Office 400 and physical hard sets. While they aren't interested in investing in a larger Contact Center offering, they are interested in having account information automatically displayed in their CRM application (Salesforce, Netsuite, Dynamics, etc) whenever a customer calls.   


The customer deploys a browser extension that automatically conducts a search for caller information in their CRM using that vendor's API when their extension rings. The extension then directs the user to the appropriate account/contact page in the CRM.   


  • Create the browser extension for the desired browser(s)

  • Create a UI element to the extension that allows the user to enter their extension and CRM credentials

  • Create the necessary script to:

    • Obtain a token from the CloudLink Authentication API

    • Create a subscription to ringing events on the user's extension using the CloudLink Notification API

    • Create and open a web socket to 'listen' for notifications generated by your subscription

  • On receiving a ringing event, perform a lookup of the caller's phone number using the CRM API (or other valid method) and redirect the user to the appropriate contact/account page in the CRM.

More Information

This integration is an example of the kind of solutions that can be built today using Mitel's CloudLink APIs.

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