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New to APIs

Regardless of what role you play in your organization, if you've never worked with an API before and want to know how to start using it, this is the place for you! Assuming that you have an existing familiarity with certain fundamental technology concepts such as HTTP and the basic concept of an API, you should review the following resources:

Introduction & Overview - This guide will give you a good idea of what an API is and what the different Mitel APIs can be used for.

Building an API Call - This guide covers the basic concepts of using RESTful API and how an API call should be structured for CloudLink.

Example Use Cases - Examples of the kinds of solutions that you can develop with the CloudLink APIs.

Once you've reviewed the above and wish to start using the APIs, check out Getting Started - Developer and visit the Developer Forum to create an account and participate in discussions with our developer community.


The following guide is tailored towards developers with API integration experience and provides the steps required in order to authenticate against the API and start developing applications.

Account & Environment

CloudLink Account

Mitel Partners must complete the certification requirements outlined above and have successfully deployed a PBX with connected CloudLink Gateway, during which process account details will be provided.

Mitel customers can obtain CloudLink account information through a Mitel Authorized Partner. To locate a Mitel Authorized Partner or service provider in your area click here.

Development Environments

Mitel recommends creating a dedicated development environment for any application or integration development on the CloudLink platform. Mitel Partners with a Mitel Partner CloudLink Account can create their own sub-accounts which can be configured as needed, including deploying a CloudLink Gateway and PBX.

Postman Library

The best way to start using the API is to download and import the Postman Library for the Mitel CloudLink API. This library of API calls will allow you to quickly obtain a token using Authentication API > OAuth Tokens > POST User Token (Testing Only).

More information on authentication can be found in the Authentication API Documentation and the Authentication API Guide.


Review the Building an API Call - Authentication section for detailed information on using the Authentication API to obtain a bearer token.


Review the Building an API Call - Headers section for detailed information on what headers are required by the CloudLink platform.

Further Reading

Developer Forum - Create an account to get support on the CloudLink APIs and participate in discussions with Mitel's developer community.

Introduction & Overview - An overview of the CloudLink platform and the available APIs

API Guides - Practical guides to each of the CloudLink APIs

Sample Code - Working code for common scenarios

Tutorials - Step by step tutorials for various common use cases

Development & Deployment - Best practices for development and how to register and deploy your applications.

Business Owners

If you are looking for high level, less technical information about the Mitel APIs, there are a few resources which will give you a good grasp of what the Mitel CloudLink platform is and how it can provide value to your customers.

Introduction & Overview - This guide offers a brief explanation of APIs in general, an overview of the available Mitel APIs, and some examples of what you might use them for.

Use Cases Examples - This area explores several use cases in more detail, outlining at a high level how they could be implemented.

Developer Forum - Create an account and participate in the discussions with our developer community. Further example use cases can be found here as well in the 'Skunkworks'.

Product Compatibility - Check to see if the Mitel application or platform you wish to work with is supported by the Mitel APIs.

Postman Library - For those who are feeling a bit adventurous, or are supporting applications built on the Mitel APIs, install Postman and import Mitel's library of API calls. With the Postman library you can quickly and easily test most API calls without requiring any development/coding knowledge.