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Developer Community  

The “Community” section of this developer portal provides a forum to ask questions, obtain guidance, and find useful information while building applications and integrations. The community forum is not intended to function as a support tool that allows opening/managing trouble tickets, rather it is meant to help by providing information that may be useful as Mitel Partners implement solutions that utilize the CloudLink APIs. 

Once an application has been successfully developed, tested and deployed, Mitel Partners can utilize Mitel Support (see below) to help troubleshoot and identify issues with the CloudLink API or any other component of the Mitel ecosystem. 

IMPORTANT: At this time, support for the Service Delivery API is only available through the Community Forum.

Mitel Product Support 

While Mitel Partners are expected to troubleshoot their own custom applications, Mitel Support is available to assist with issues pertaining to the CloudLink platform (including the APIs) provided that the custom application/integration in question has been approved through the registration & deployment process. To submit a support request:

  1. Login to MiAccess

  2. Go to 'TechCentral Tracker' on the navigation menu

  3. Provide the requested information to submit a support ticket.

Please ensure that you provide as much detail around the issue including a step-by-step walkthrough of the issue with timestamps for all events, PBX logs, and anything else you feel might be useful. Of particular importance is the value of the "x-mitel-correlation-id" header in the response to any API calls relevant to your issue.

If you are a Mitel customer, please contact the Mitel Partner who deployed your custom application. To locate a Mitel Authorized Partner or service provider in your area click here or call us at one of our regional offices throughout the world.